SkyeShop - Online Mobile Shopping in Bahrin
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SKY International Trading - the leader in wholesale & Retail of Mobile Phones & Accessories in Bahrain provides state-of-the-art After-Sales Services,Quality Repair Tools and Spare parts.


We assures reliable and genuine repair of all kinds of Smart Phones and Tablets by experts in the industry using highly sophisticated equipments. Mobile phone technology is growing very fast and the scope of mobile phone repairing especially smart phones and tablets also in the same track. Exploiting the situation, many youths plunged in to the repairing field of mobile phone without adequate knowledge,resulting in heavy damage to the handsets.In such a scenario we assures the quality and reliable repairing to the end users. We swear to keep ethics, values, laws morals and we will safe guard the privacy of our clients, interest of our society and the country.


Sky lntenrnational Trading, the one and only complete solution rovider for your smart phone service centre in Bahrain. We provides branded & Quality repair tools, Software programming boxes & dongles, mobile phone ICs, spare parts and many more advanced products to develop your smart phone service centre along with the industry growth.